About us

Foundation of the company

Limited liability company (SIA) PK Serviss is founded in April 19, 2004 and it is formed up from Latvia-Sweden joint venture SIA J.O.Z. PEAB Group. Founders of the company are Karlis Plensners and Imants Kokins who have experience in construction works in Sweden and Latvia.

We provide also maintenance services (heating, ventilation, water supply, sewerage, electrical installation systems) both to newly erected buildings and buildings to be reconstructed.

SIA PK Serviss has undertaken the work as a Subcontractor company in Sweden as well as it is the representative of the company Torverk in the Baltic States.

On October 04, 2006 SIA "PK serviss" obtained the Quality Management System Certificate according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 : 2015 in the following fields: performance and management of general construction works, technical service of heat supply, ventilation, water supply, sewerage and electrical installation systems.

On January 2018 the Baltic Consulting enterprise "Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment" Ltd. performed evaluation of our environmental management system and attested with hereby enclosed description that the environmental management system is developed according to the requirements of Latvian Standard LVS EN ISO 14001:2017 " Environmental management systems.

Requirements with guidance for use (ISO 14001:2015), through implementing and adapting of basic principles of standard ISO 14001 in compliance with the specific character of the "PK serviss" Ltd. operations.

Quality policy of the Company

We want to enjoy our clients’ and partners' confidence and we want to be a loyal long-term partner to our clients. We take into consideration desires and requirements of every client and offer high-quality services for fulfilment thereof.

To achieve these goals, SIA "PK serviss" is carrying out its activity in accordance with the standards established by the state and with the clients’ requirements; the Company is improving and developing the quality of the services provided, applying the latest technologies and securing improvement of professional competence of its employees as well as attracting new and competent professionals.

Our Company’s employees are the Company’s value and power; they are professionals in their respective fields operating as a consolidated team in order to ensure perfect fulfillment of desires of the clients.